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Biographie The members of the literary group asked to speak, and this was the last professional group that came to mind. It was mainly composed of literary writers and scholars who studied the history of literature in the century AD, because they thought they might be useful. The member of the literature group who asked to speak is a writer of children's literature. He said: "I know that in the future work, my group will have the least right to speak, so I will take this opportunity to say a few words first." He held up the blue-covered document in his hand. "Unfortunately, I don't think this information can be interpreted." "Why do you look like that?!" Asked the chairman. First of all, we should clarify what we want to get from it-the strategic direction of the future of mankind. If this information really exists, no matter what the content is, its meaning must be definite. It is impossible for us to regard vague and polysemous information as a strategic direction, but vagueness and polysemy are precisely the characteristics of the context of literary works. In order to be safe, the real intelligence information contained in these three stories must be deeply hidden, which increases the ambiguity and uncertainty of the information. Therefore, the difficulty we will face is not that we can not interpret the information from these three stories, but that there are too many possible interpretations,wire nail machine manufacturers, but none of them is certain. Finally, as an aside, I would like to pay tribute to Yun Tianming as a fairy tale writer. If only as a fairy tale, this story is very good. The next day, IDC's interpretation of Yun Tianming's intelligence was in full swing. It soon became clear that the fairy tale writer was prescient. Yun Tianming's three stories contain rich metaphors,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, hints and symbols.Any plot can interpret many different meanings, each of which has a certain reason and basis, but it is impossible to determine which one is the information the author wants to convey, so any interpretation can not become strategic intelligence. For example, at the beginning of the story, the plot of drawing people into the picture is considered to be a more obvious metaphor and implication, but different experts in different disciplines have different understandings. Some people believe that painting symbolizes the digitization or informatization of the real world, so this plot may imply the digitization of human beings, suggesting that human beings escape the attack of the dark forest through their own digitization. Scholars who hold this view also note that people drawn in paintings are safe from the real world, so human digitization may also be a way to make a statement about the safety of the universe. But another point of view is that the plot has a metaphor of spatial dimension, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine manufacturer, drawing paper and reality are two different dimensions of space, the characters are painted in the painting and disappear in three-dimensional reality, which reminds us of the experience of the two ships "Blue Space" and "Gravitation" in the fragments of four-dimensional space, and the author may imply that human beings regard four-dimensional space as a refuge. Or somehow issue a security statement to the universe through four-dimensional space. Others believe that the height of Prince Deepwater, which does not conform to the principle of perspective, also implies four-dimensional space. For another example, what is the metaphor of gluttonous fish? Considering their large number, hidden state and strong aggressiveness, some people think that they symbolize the civilized group of the universe in the dark forest state, while making the gluttonous fish forget to attack in comfort implies some unknown principles of the cosmic security statement. The other view, on the contrary, is that gluttonous fish implies some kind of artificial intelligent machine, which is very small in size, but can replicate itself. When this machine is put into space, it will replicate itself in large numbers from space dust and comets in the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Nebula, and the number will increase geometrically. Eventually, an intelligent barrier similar to the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Nebula will be formed around the solar system. This barrier has various possible functions, such as intercepting light particles attacking the sun, or making the solar system take on a special form that can be observed from afar, in order to achieve the purpose of issuing security statements. This interpretation is called "Fish School Assumption", which is one of the most important interpretations, because compared with other interpretations, "Fish School Assumption" has a clearer technical outline, and it is also the first interpretation of the World Academy of Sciences to conduct in-depth research.
However, IDC did not have much hope for the "fish school idea" from the beginning, which is more likely to be realized technically, but further research found that it would take tens of thousands of years for the "fish school" to form a barrier on the periphery of the solar system by replicating itself, and at the same time, from the perspective of the functions of intelligent machines. Whether it is its defensive effect or the possibility of issuing security statements with its help, it is only a flower in the mirror of the moon in the water.. The idea of "fish school" was finally reluctantly abandoned. There are also the rotating umbrella to protect the princess, the mysterious snow wave paper and black stone, the magical soap.. These have been interpreted with a large number of different meanings. But as the fairy tale writers say, all these meanings seem to be possible and uncertain. However,Coil nail machine, not all of the three stories are so obscure and ambiguous. At least one of them, IDC experts believe, may contain certain information and even become the key to the mysterious door of Yuntianming Intelligence. This is the strange place name: Helsingen Mersken. 
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