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Biographie Although this kind of seal is very against the sky, very peerless, but, this is not difficult Li Qiye, after all, he already has the law of the whole light temple, even can say, Li Qiye has the law, far more than the light temple itself, this deprivation from the law, can unlock all the mystery of the light temple, including the seal of the bronze temple in front of us. At this time, Li Qiye's big handprint was on the bronze door, and when he heard the sound of "hum", one after another ancient runes emerged on the bronze door, and when the ancient runes did not converge in an instant, they formed a huge rune plate. Above the rune plate, all the laws are constantly turning, and they are disorganized. For outsiders, it is not a matter of a moment to understand the runes on the rune plate. For these disorderly rotation of the runes, Li Qiye did not look carefully, just a big hand spin, immediately turned the rune plate, and, in Li Qiye's hands, the whole rune plate is extremely fast rotation. Hearing the sound of "hum, hum,jujube seed powder, hum", the runes jumped out one by one, sorted in an instant, and formed a complete chapter in an instant. In the sound of "hum", the complete chapter was instantly branded on the rune plate. When the rune plate sank into the bronze door again, the runes spread to the whole bronze door in an instant. Then, the heavy sound of "rolling, rolling, rolling" slowly sounded, and the sealed copper door slowly opened. Li Qiye also did not take a careful look at the situation inside the bronze door,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, then casually stepped into the big palace, very comfortable and calm, it seems that there is no risk in the big palace in mind. Great Sage, I wish you success and success. After seeing Li Qiye step into the bronze gate, the big black bull standing outside the bronze gate immediately shouted to Li Qiye's back. When the "bang" sounded, the bronze door had been closed, and the big black bull was still looking longingly at the bronze door, wishing he could see the situation inside clearly. At this time, the big black bull wished he could be there, but unfortunately, he was limited by various reasons and could not enter the palace. Alas, I don't know what the old tree demon was thinking, but he never did it, which made me so upset. Looking longingly at the bronze gate, the big black bull could not help muttering to himself. After Li Qiye stepped into the hall, the hall was dark and invisible. In such a dark hall, it was impossible for ordinary people to see clearly. However, when Li Qiye opened his eyes, it was like daylight in an instant, rosmarinic acid supplement ,ghana seed extract, and his eyes could illuminate every corner of the hall in an instant. Under his eyes, everything was nowhere to hide. The hall is so wide that it is beyond people's imagination. Such a hall seems to be able to accommodate everything, even as if it can put the whole world into it. Li Qiye walked slowly, seemingly slowly, but in fact, step by step, step by step. In a short time, Li Qiye walked to the depths of the hall, and a tall mountain blocked Li Qiye's way. It's not a mountain peak. When you look carefully, it's not a huge mountain peak in front of Li Qiye, but a huge object sitting there, sitting layer by layer, with its body high up, looking like a very tall mountain peak. At that moment, the huge creature sitting there opened its eyes. Its head was sitting on the top. When it opened its eyes, it seemed that there were two more suns in the sky. The light of the candle shone down and illuminated here clearly. Such a huge object sits there, its head is higher than the sky, which makes people feel creepy, especially when it looks down, it makes people feel a supreme power, frightening. Under such eyes, not to mention the timid people, even if the strength is very strong, will be weak legs, the power of this evil is too strong, its eyes enveloped when it comes, as if it is a sudden suction of the soul. However, such a candlelight down the eyes, for Li Qiye, there is no impact, it seems that this is a normal thing.
"Crash, crash, crash," the sound of movement sounded, and at this time, the huge thing that was sitting there began to swim down. It seemed that the giant also found that Li Qiye was not afraid of it, and did not even look up at it, so its coiled body loosened and began to swim. When it coiled its body round and round, it seemed like magic. Its body was far longer than people could imagine. When the huge creature swam away, its long and big body seemed to fill the whole hall. Crash- "When this huge thing completely opened its body, there were a lot of things falling down from the place where it was entrenched, and when I fixed my eyes on it, it was a bone mountain.". This mountain bone is actually made of skulls piled up one by one. Before that, this huge thing was holding such a skull mountain there. When it was completely opened, the pile of bones fell down, many skulls rolled down to the ground, and even some skulls rolled down to Li Qiye's feet. Although I don't know who the owners of these skulls were before their death, it can be seen from the divinity still beating in their eyes that the owners of these skulls were not invincible emperors before their death, but powerful ones! "Sniff, sniff, sniff.." The sound of a spitting letter sounded, and the evil spirit wandering in the hall finally swam over to Li Qiye. It raised its head and looked down at Li Qiye. This demon, the body is very huge, its body looks like a snake, the scales of the whole body are as black as iron, but it is not a snake, the head is like a dragon and a tiger, very strange, its long tail holds the tail wing, there are three pieces of tail wing,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, very flexible, like water flowing. The strangest thing is that there is a meat crown on the top of the demon's head. From a distance, the meat crown looks like a crown on the top of the head. 
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