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Biographie ※ ※ ※ Black and white garden. Poetic and picturesque Ruo Yuxuan. The old man of Tianru rolled up a scroll with a cool picture, tied it carefully with a string, put it on one side, spread out a piece of rice paper on the table, held a wolf's brush in his hand, and was full of ink. As soon as he dropped the brush, his heart suddenly trembled inexplicably, his right foot shook, and a large mass of ink immediately overflowed on the paper. Tianru old man frowned slightly, thought for a moment, and finally abandoned the volume, and spread out another piece of rice paper on the table. He took a long breath, and the wolf brush slowly waved down to the center of the rice paper. After writing, he felt that his hands were getting more and more sluggish, and every hook, rub, dye, and dot had a far-fetched feeling. The old man's eyes sank, and a dark force came out of his wrist, which made him move his pen faster. When he finished writing and looked again, he found that the woman on the rice paper was not the woman he usually painted! At this time, a vague figure appeared on the paper, and it was vaguely discernible that it was a domineering man! The Tianru old man was shocked and muttered to himself, "The demons in my heart are very strong, and the hostility is hard to calm down.." Could it be. Is there a change in the war armor? Just as he was thinking, someone outside the door said respectfully, "Master,pump tube, there is a letter from the young master. Please have a look at it." His voice was old and deep, and it was Bu Gongzi, the servant of Tianru. The old man put away the picture scroll on the table. "Come in," he said. Bu Gongzi pushed the door and entered, presenting a letter with both hands. The old man Tianru took the book and read it. He read it very slowly, as if he had to try to figure out every word again and again. After a while, he said slowly, "This child, Qi'er,tube lip gloss, finally has a deep understanding of righteousness." Then he sighed lightly and said, "In this way, he is really wronged." "Young Master." How about in the Wind Palace? Bu Gongzi asked carefully and with concern. "He is the son of Makino Shizuku," said the old man. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Bu Gongzi stood aside, not daring to answer. After pondering for a moment, the old man carefully put the book away and said, "It is said that before Qi'er entered the Wind Palace, he met Fan Li, the son of Fan Shu." "Exactly," said Bu Gongzi. "Before Makino Jingfeng laid siege to Liuyi Village, this son had already secretly tracked down the young master. I was ordered by the master to lead him away. But when I met him, I realized that he was a companion who had been in the same town with the young master since childhood. At that time, he was called Xiao Mu. When I lived in Chinatown for nearly ten years, as long as I showed up, he would recognize me, so I couldn't draw him away. The old man nodded and said, "I've neglected that. No wonder you didn't.". This son is not only the son of Fan Shu, but also the master of Youqiu in the test sword forest, so we must guard against it. I don't know what he said to Qi'er, plastic packaging tube ,empty lotion tubes, but he finally convinced Qi'er. Bu Gongzi thought for a moment and then said carefully, "Actually, with the situation at that time, the young master had no choice, so it doesn't seem to matter what Fan Li hated to say to the young master.". Young master is resourceful, when there will be no impulse to move, the master has not come to the rescue, presumably he should be enlightened. At that time, what he was thinking about was not whether he should enter the Wind Palace with his father, but how and why he should enter the Wind Palace, and Fan Li just found the right way and reason for him. He deserves to be called "foolproof" and his words are very careful. The Tianru old man nodded his head and said, "Things should be as you expected, but from this point of view, Fan Lihu is an outsider, but he can see through the key to this complicated matter at a glance. It's not easy!" It is not entirely true to say that Fan Li is an outsider, because he is inextricably linked with Siguo Stronghold. Outsiders have no way to know the details. They only know that although he is not a disciple of Siguo Stronghold, he is free to go in and out of Siguo Stronghold. The new leader of Siguozhai still respects him very much. After Fan Li hated to see the young master, the young master persuaded his father to withdraw his troops and relieve the siege of Liuyi Village. I always felt that there was something strange about it.
When Fan Li left Liuyi Village, I followed him secretly for a while, but strangely, besides me, Du Xiuran, a female disciple who had thought of Zhaiyan Gaozhao, was also following him secretly.. "The female disciple of Siguo Stronghold?" The old Tianru frowned and said doubtfully, "Didn't you say just now that he had a deep friendship with Siguozhai?" "I also don't understand, but see that Du girl's expression seems to be very trance, after tracking more than ten miles, she suddenly no longer continue to track down, after waiting for Fan Li hate to leave, she cried alone in a jungle, it seems very.." Sad, I.. I was afraid that something would happen to her, so I had to abandon Fan Li until Miss Du calmed down and left. Tianru old man sighed: "It must be the love of some children." "Most likely.". However, these days, Siguo Stronghold has been looking for the whereabouts of Miss Du. It turned out that after the disciples of Siguo Stronghold left Liuyi Village, Miss Du did not return to the village, but Fan Li was still in the village. It seems that the people in the village did not alienate him because of this. Maybe things are different from what I expected. In fact, just now it was clear that the old man of Tianru speculated that Fan Li hated and Du Xiuran were mostly children's love affairs, but Bu Gongzi said that it was different from what he had expected, naturally because of his great respect for the old man of Tianru. Tianru old man aware of this, can not help laughing, Bu Gongzi heart a warm, can not help but say: "Master, you have.." Not for many years.. I've laughed. Words, the heart is very perturbed. The old Tianru was silent for a long time. Fang said with a deep sigh, "Fortune and misfortune are hard to decide. How dare you say the word'laugh 'lightly?" Infinite bleak, all in a word. Bu Gongzi's voice choked with sobs and he said, "The master thinks about the world and works hard, but no one knows that the master doesn't care about this, but the world.." After all, it is the world of the world. "I know what you mean," said the old man in a slow voice. "It's just that there is a kind of person in the world. When they are born, fate decides that the road they take must be an unusual one." After a pause, he added, "Like me, like Qi'er." He gave a wry smile: "Perhaps one day, I and Qi'er will have …" A sense of sympathy. Bu Gongzi felt so heavy that he could not say another word. ※ ※ ※ Yu Shi suddenly appeared, the most shocked person is not Youqiu,eye cream packing tube, nor Qin Yueyue, but Duling! In an instant, Du Ling has changed his mind countless times. 
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