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Biographie He called Ye Deyuan for the first time to ask what was going on, but was told by Ye Deyuan that he had just received the news that Ye's branch was two people. The hollowing out thing. Ye Fenghua did not understand at first, Liao Haichao and Ye Fengming did not seem to be so confused, compared with emptying the limited capital of Ye's branch. 'Source ', manage the branch company well, is it not a greater benefit to get a steady stream of'resources'? It was not until Ye Deyuan hesitated to talk about someone inquiring about Ye Fengming and Liao Haichao after the accident of the late Qing Dynasty, because when Liao Haichao was recruited into the Ye family, many people inquired about it, so he didn't care, but now think about it, I'm afraid it's also related to the injury of the late Qing Dynasty. And they deal with the matter of the late Qing Dynasty, in addition to the matter of Ye Fenghua back to Ye, also can not think of other reasons. If in the past, Ye Fenghua heard such speculation may also doubt, no matter how, he will not think of his uncle and cousin for. If you don't let yourself go back to Ye's smoothly, you will think of killing people in such an extreme way to stop it. However, he thought again that since the blue night sobered up, he had to put all his mind in the company, and her accident was all done by Winschen and the police. When docking, there is no way to suspect. Therefore, the blue elder sister has long suspected that she was attacked by Liao Haichao and Ye Fengming's ghost,collapsible bulk container, only worried about him to send him away. Also want to know, Ye Shi at the moment there are many things to deal with in the company, even Ye Deyuan usually full of gas voice on the phone listening to the vicissitudes of life. A lot. But Ye Fenghua which care about these, from small to large to protect his blue sister, for others to scold him a few words, as a girl can fight with each other. Blue sister, because of him, almost died! Ye Fenghua was red-eyed,plastic pallet manufacturer, because his relatives killed the people he loved, but also because of the guilt and heartache of the late Qing Dynasty. They maliciously smear and slander him in the board of directors. He can ignore it. He can prove himself sooner or later, but he is hurt because of him. The people around him, this is his bottom line! Ye Fenghua ran the red light all the way to the Dongcheng police station, like an enraged leopard, with red eyes and a ferocious expression. Tear it to pieces. This is what Lan Qing saw when he saw Ye Fenghua coming in through the door. But Ye Fenghua did not expect to meet Lan Qing Qing here at this time, when he saw her, he was stunned for a moment, but when he saw Lan Qing Qing, he just He was even more angry with Liao Haichao and Ye Fengming. He heard Lan Qingqing calling his name, but he only hesitated for a few seconds, his red eyes searching in the police station, and saw When the two men were being pressed behind Lan Qing Qing, they pounced on him like a cheetah on patrol who had finally found its prey. @ Infinite good article, all in Jinjiang Literature City His movement suddenly and quickly, euro plastic pallet ,foldable bulk container, from the side of the blue late Qing Dynasty, if not for Wen Sichen's quick eye and hand to embrace the blue late Qing Dynasty to the side, she Maybe he'll knock you down. By the time she stood firm and turned around, Ye Fenghua had already fought with the two of them, and the noisy police hall was also due to his sudden movements. Become quiet. Ye Fenghua usually pays attention to exercise, physical fitness is very good, Liao Haichao is a little older, and Ye Fengming usually does not have the habit of fitness, even if Ye Feng Hua doesn't have the same martial arts foundation as Lan Qing, but he is brute enough for a pair of two. A policeman subconsciously wanted to stop him, but Xi Sili secretly raised his hand to stop him. Wen Sichen saw the corner of the mouth almost imperceptible upward lift, but the blue late Qing Dynasty did not see, worried about Ye Fenghua such a problem, want to go up to stop. He was suddenly taken back into his arms by Winslow. With a worried look on her face, she watched as he punched, kicked, hissed and swore at the two of them.
"Are you him or not?!"! Do something like this! Are you animals?! As a father, is that how you teach your son? Teach him to stop at nothing, teach him to become a murderer in order to achieve his goal? Ah He grabbed Liao Haichao by the collar and cried angrily, "Have you ever thought about my aunt when doing these things?"! She's your oldest. Mother-in-law! Ye Fengming, who had just been punched by Ye Fenghua and was lying on the ground, snorted and laughed, "Ye Mingli is naive at best, and follows at worst." Like an idiot, she gave birth to a healthy son like me, which was her good fortune in her previous life! What does she have to think about? If she thinks about us, Knowing to go to Ye Deyuan to get what we deserve, my father and I don't have to take such a big risk like this! Finally, he did not forget to give another cold hum. Ye Fengming's words even others could not help frowning, not to mention Ye Fenghua. His eyes seemed to bleed. He pushed Liao Haichao away from his hand and grabbed Ye Fengming's chest with another punch. "Bastard!"! So you In order to get Ye Shi, even innocent people can be killed, right?! Ye Fengming wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and looked at Lan Qingqing behind him, sneering, "Lan Qingqing, that smelly bitch, I can't stand her for a long time!"! It's obviously a matter for our Ye family, and I don't know where she has so much leisure to take care of it! "Son of a bitch!"! I'll beat you to death for your mother! Ye Fenghua suddenly, like a wild beast, lifted Ye Fengming from the ground and punched him again, but when he hit the second punch, he was followed. Then he grabbed his arm. He thought it was a policeman, but he threw it hard and didn't break free. Looking back, it turned out to be Wen Sichen, holding his forearm in his left hand and looking coldly at Ye Fengming, who was in his hand. The expression was no different from when he was beaten in the hospital, even more sinister. But Wen Sichen was not as angry as last time, without saying much, his left hand loosened to stop Ye Fenghua's hand from pinching both sides of Ye Fengming's face and holding it with his right hand. Punch hard to his left ear side up,wholesale plastic pallet, with a slight flick of the wrist. Ye Fengming's chin was easily removed by him. Ye Fenghua looked at him and stared at Wen Sichen's cry of "ah, ah," but no one could hear what he was saying. 
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