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Biographie Yan Fang thought for a while and said, "Then I don't need to fly to the sky to see it.". Although the range of my divine consciousness is only fifteen miles, I should be able to reduce the time of going back and forth side by side with you. "No," said Puzhi. "Almsgiver Yan will protect the Dharma for the poor monk. The poor monk just looked at the map. The south of Tianyan City was thinner than the north of Tianyan City. It was only more than seven hundred miles from the eastern cliff to the western forest. The poor monk could come and go more than a dozen times. It's just hard for the benefactor to accompany the poor monk. Yan Fang thought for a while and said, "Otherwise, I have a flying instrument on my body. I will control it, and you can sit on it and feel it.". It's not as fast as flying directly, but it's much better than walking like this. Puzhi said with a smile, "Then there will be a benefactor." Shen Hua stood in front of the forest in the west, and as soon as the divine consciousness opened, from the southernmost to the northernmost part of the forest, the sunlight in the shade of the trees that blocked the sun, the Warcraft that appeared and disappeared, the birds that flew together, the animals that jumped away, the insects that wriggled on the branches,Prison toilet for sale, and the gnawed leaves were all in his eyes. Luo Jiushao looked at the golden light in his eyes and said, "How's it going?" Shen Hua looked at it carefully again. Then he put away his divine consciousness and said, "Twenty miles deep, from south to north. So far, no suspected heavy bright birds have been found.". It seems that we still need to look deeper into it. Luo Jiushao squeezed his hand and said, "Good." As far as the eye could see, there were desolate cliffs,Flush Retrofit Kit, jagged boulders everywhere, and a little bit of greenery between the rocks. Zhong Ze and Pratt & Whitney squatted together and worried. "How are we going to get there?" Asked Zhong Ze? Such a large area, so desolate, as if nothing had been seen at a glance. "Why don't we open our divinity and walk back and forth?" Puhui asked. "Do you have to walk back and forth?" Asked Zhong Ze? This place is so big that you and my divinity overlap. At this glance, except for the stones, it was flat and could be found at the slightest sign of trouble. "Maybe it's hidden," thought Pratt & Whitney. "No," said Zhong Ze. "Since this bird looks like a chicken, it should at least be as big as a chicken. It shouldn't be hidden in the crevices of the stone." Pratt & Whitney:.. Then it can't be hidden in the sea, and then there's really only water. On a whim, Zhong Ze said, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Self-closing Shower Valve, "Do you think it will be in the land under our feet?"? Relying on the fact that our divine consciousness can't penetrate the soil, so we are safe and sound as a legend for so many years? Pratt & Whitney:.. I still believe you when you say Chongming bird puts its nest on the ground. What does it want to do underground? Don't you have a pair of wings for nothing? Zhong Ze said thoughtfully, "But I remember that the chickens raised at home in the earthly world can't fly either. They also have a pair of wings in vain.". But it seems to be edible. Pratt & Whitney: "…" "There is always some truth in the legend," said Pratt and Whitney with a headache. "Since the Chongming bird can freely enter and leave the upper and lower realms, it should be able to fly, right? Or you can't step on the sky with one foot! ".." said Zhong Ze. That's right. "Then what should we do?" Asked Zhong Ze? We, two big men, picked the smallest of the four areas, looked around for a long time, and finally told the others when they were walking on the map that there were only stones and sea water, and nothing was found. "You ask me," said Pratt & Whitney. "Who do I ask? What can I do?"? You were the one who said you were going to go this way! "Why didn't you look at the map?" Asked Zhong Ze? Don't you find it so small that you can give it to the two teams with nuns? Puhui said angrily, "Why didn't you look at it when you brought it up?!"! Blame me instead? You're taller than I am, stronger than I am, and you stand in front of the map! Zhong Ze: "…" Two people are silent for a while, Zhong Ze way: "Perhaps we can look at this problem from a more cautious direction." Pratt and Whitney looked at each other suspiciously. "Don't look at me like that," said Zhong Ze. "In fact, I've been thinking about a question for so many years. Where is the boundary between the upper and lower world?" Pratt & Whitney silently took out the wooden fish in the storage bag. "I'm serious," said Zhong Ze! Think about it, we practitioners can only fly into the upper world after the plunder period, and we can't get down. Even Shen Hua has spent a lot of effort for the lower world and paid a great price.
However, it would be very suspicious if this bird could freely enter and exit the upper and lower realms. This shows that there is actually a clear boundary between the upper and lower realms, but we practitioners can't see it on weekdays. Only through the period of plunder can we tear this gap with the help of the plunder. If we know where the boundary between the upper world and the lower world is, then Chongming Bird must be nearby, so we don't have to look so hard. "What you say is very reasonable," said Pu Hui. "The question is, do you know where the dividing line between the upper and lower bounds is?" Zhong Ze: "…" Zhong Ze pondered over the continuous sea water in the distance. Pratt & Whitney knocked on the wooden fish silently. "What's at the end of the sea?" Asked Zhong Ze suddenly. Pratt stopped knocking on the wooden fish. Zhong Ze said, "For thousands of years, we have been fighting for each other in the nine States. Countless anecdotes have been recorded by our ancestors, but few of them mention the sea.". But occasionally there are several instruments handed down from generation to generation, but they all have the shadow of the sea, such as Chen Sheng's ghost bell, which is said to be made of iron from the bottom of the sea by Linfeng Jun in ancient times. Now it is immortal for thousands of years, and it can also dissolve demons. It is said that the Deep Sword is also made of the dragon horn of the dragon at the bottom of the sea. Therefore, its brilliance is restrained and it can lead to thunder. Otherwise, how can you think of an ordinary sword body that can carry thunder and lightning? Pratt and Whitney took the wooden fish back and said, "Why don't we go to the sea and have a look?"? There should be islands or something on the sea, and maybe there will be a clue to Chongming Bird. Zhong Ze seconded the motion. So the two of them left in the air. Puhui and Zhong Ze turned around on the nearby sea and found nothing except that the sea was vast and bottomless. Puhui said to himself that the man was really not credible. As soon as he looked up to speak,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, he suddenly frowned. "What's the matter?" Asked Zhong Ze. "There's a cave on the cliff we just left," said Pratt & Whitney. "I just saw someone in that cave." Chongming Bird (3) The two men looked at each other and tacitly lowered the flying instrument. Pratt & Whitney pulled out two breath masks from his body, one on his own body and one on Zhong Ze's body. 
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