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Biographie As a demonstration, I agreed to make a surrealist array in the glass window of the Bonwitt-Tell store, and all the other stores subsequently adopted the surrealist style. There I placed a mannequin with a head made of red roses and fingernails made of hair; on one table, I placed a telephone in the shape of a shrimp; on one chair, I placed my famous horny tuxedo, on which I placed eighty-eight small glasses, wide and full of green mint wine, with cocktail straws in them. It had just been a huge success at the Surrealist Exhibition in London, where I had made a great speech hidden in a diving eye. Sir Benas was in charge of renting the costume, and he was asked by a caller how deep Mr. Daly intended to dive. Sir Benas replied with the same seriousness: "Dive to the depths of unconsciousness, and then he comes up immediately." "Very well,12 needle valve, sir," continued the lessor. "In this case, we put a special diving cap on him." I put on my diving suit and an expert came to seal the diving cap firmly. The lead boots were so heavy that I almost lifted my wooden feet. Two friends helped drag me to the podium, where I appeared in this bizarre costume,needle valve manufacturer, holding two white beagles tightly in my hands. The London public must have been particularly panicked because there was silence. Someone managed to get me in front of a microphone when I finally learned that I couldn't speak from behind the glass of a wetsuit. Besides, I felt that I was going to faint from suffocation, and I had to call my friend to take off my diving hat in a hurry. Unfortunately, the professional worker had just slipped away and no one knew how to do it. Someone tried to rip open the suit and hit the bolt with a hammer. Every knock makes me believe I'm going to die. When the public heard that this involved a pantomime in which every detail had been laid down, they suddenly clapped enthusiastically. But as I emerged, pale as a dying man, the dramatic side of my every action thrilled everyone. This involuntary success, and my more conscious success at the London Exhibition, ball valve manufacturer ,38 needle valve, showed that everything was going to be better for me. These successes should have excited me, but instead of that, I became the victim of an unspeakable depression. I want to go back to Spain as soon as possible. An unconquerable weariness weighed on my watchful hysteria. I'm fed up with cypress trees that people throw out of their windows, archbishops, soft pianos, crayfish phones, wetsuits, commercials and cocktail parties. I want to see Port Ligat again soon, where I can finally do something "significant.". We arrived at Port Ligat at dusk in December. I have never been so deeply aware of the unheard beauty of this landscape. I intend to savour every second of this begun sojourn, but a heavy anguish strikes my solar plexus. The first night, I couldn't sleep. The next day, I walked along the seaside. The brilliant career of the last few months in London, New York and Paris is now so far away and unreal. I could not determine the nature of what weighed me down, nor could I determine the reasons. What's going on? You have what you've been longing for for six years. You've come to your port of Ligat, your favorite place in the world. You no longer worry shamefully about money. You can start spending time on your greatest works, the ones you want to work on from the bottom of your heart. You are in perfect health. You are free to choose among the various production plans for plays or films that people offer you.. Gala would be happy if she hadn't been disturbed by the thing that made your forehead ripple. In order to fight against the anguish of the various illusions that I had destroyed, I suddenly began to pour out angrily. It's no use at all. Even the most reassuring arguments are useless. If this situation goes on like this, the only thing to look for is crying. ·" Gala advised me many times to calm my nerves with a cold bath. I took off my clothes and threw myself into the transparent and cold water of the beach hypnotized by winter.
Standing naked in the sun as hot as summer, I felt the anguish continue to rise in my body. Kissing and calling me to lunch, I shivered and instinctively put one hand on my chest and the other on my genitals. There was a good smell coming from my genitals. I thought it was the smell of my own death. In an instant I felt the whole weight of my fate, with its filthy, rotting hands, pressed between my thighs. On the way home, I explained everything to Gala. I have nothing. Know that my glory is there, ripening like a fig on Olympus. I had to clench my teeth and chew it. I have no reason to be so depressed. However, this depression is getting stronger and stronger, I do not know where it comes from,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, do not know where it will go. But it's so strong that it scares me. This is all I have: I have nothing to fear, and I am afraid of being afraid, afraid of being afraid of this thing that makes me afraid. 
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