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Biographie Today, Diamond went out early in the morning. I just came back at 9:00 in the evening. I wrote a chapter first. Later, there will be a day of o8. Chapter 705 of the main text. At the end of the day, Sandwar went to the backyard of the mansion, where. Yasuwen lay down for many hours. You did a good job this time. The news you brought back made me succeed in persuading the five of those old guys. "Otherwise, they would have been out of the world. It's not easy to invite them out." Sandvo nodded to Yasuvin. He seemed to say to himself, "I didn't expect Yang Ying and Blade to be the third limit not long ago.". I don't know how they got to the fourth limit in such a short time? Yasuwen was sent to Orion's arm to spy on Yang Ying and Blade. He didn't dare to go to the solar system. This small star system gave him a sense of extreme danger. It made him understand that as soon as he appeared in the solar system, he would be seen by Yang Ying or Blade, or even worry about his life. Fortunately, intelligence gathering did not require him to be a fourth-level presence himself, and he easily found several intelligence organizations in Orion's arm and bought information from them about Yang Ying, Blade, and the Tran Mercenary Corps. Since Yang Ying and Blade killed Karagounis and attacked the Kusta Empire with the singers. Their fame spread throughout the Orion Arm and became a hot topic in the intelligence community. Although Yang Ying once took advantage of the change of the earth. Let his ghost agents clean up the traces he left behind, and almost erase everything before he was promoted to the third level. After erasure, there is an understanding of his past. Only the presbytery of Nian Neng Temple and a group of people such as Kinsale were left. But even so, there are still many of his deeds that have a wide range of influences and many witnesses. Especially after he left the solar system, he went to the Vader Mercenary Guild to register, tested his strength, and participated in the civil strife in Flynn. Take over the task of rescuing the king and his wife from the royal family. As a result, his situation was quickly rummaged out by the powerful intelligence organizations. A few years ago, Yang Ying and Blade were only masters of the third-level limit,beam impact tubes, but a few years later, they both suddenly became the existence of the fourth-level limit, and killed Karagunis, the patron saint of Kusta, who had been famous for thousands of years. This information was unbelievable to everyone who handled it, but no matter how many times they confirmed it, the result was the same. Shocked,side impact door beams, they frantically tried to find the reason, but found nothing, and finally had to accept the fact that, after all, the existence of two fourth-level limits was not something that any intelligence organization could deal with. If they wanted to use underhand tactics, they had to count their lives first. However, for Yasuwen, the information from these intelligence organizations is enough. In a short period of more than two years, from the third level limit to the fourth level limit, this is theoretically impossible, even in the most glorious era of the empire, genius emerged in an endless stream, there is no such fast degree of practice. Apart from anything else, Sandvall is one of the few geniuses in the history of the Empire. It took him only 12,000 years to go from the fourth level to the fourth limit. In this regard, Precision steel tubes ,side impact door beams, the fastest record holder in history is the first emperor of the empire, who spent 9,800 years, and he is also the only person in the history of the empire who can go from the fourth level to the fourth level in 10,000 years. How long did it take for Yang Ying and Blade? Two years! For other people, this time they are not familiar with the realm, but also in the rules of the fur around it! After Yasuwen sent the news back to the Empire, Lijian attracted the great attention of Sandvuo, which led to five old guys who had not been in charge for a long time. They were all the first senators of the Senate who had experienced the collapse of extragalactic galaxies, the loss of control of the Force Sea, the reorganization of the Force Sea and the spiritual power provided to the Force Sea more than 10,000 years ago. Although they don't talk much anymore, they still have huge connections and influence, and can easily change the direction of the Senate. The next morning, the morning meeting. The ministers of the cabinet arrived early at the main meeting hall and greeted each other at the door, but a few of them had twinkling eyes, as if they were looking forward to today's meeting.
Other ministers also heard about the dinner at the Regent's residence last night. After all, there were too many nobles at the dinner, and there was always some news. Into the main meeting hall, I saw the queen on the central throne, as well as the empress Dowager sitting below, the face is not very good. Sandwar also walked into the hall of the main Council, came to a seat slightly lower than the queen mother, sitting firmly, a look of the overall situation in hand. Today's regular court meeting, the ministers have any important things, need to report. Inquired the queen from on high. I have Sandwar stood up. Regent. The Queen said indifferently, "What's the matter with you?" Sander moved a few steps on the steps and came to the center of the steps, the front of the queen, her eyes shining, and said, "I implore Your Majesty to expel Yang Ying and Blade, two sub-human worshippers.". Their origin is unknown, their appearance is suspicious, and their purpose is unknown. It is extremely dangerous to make them royal offerings. "This is alarmist talk!" The Empress Dowager stood up. "The two worshippers have made great contributions to the Empire. They protected the missing long princess in Orion's arm so that she could grow up safely and return to the Empire. It can be said that they are the benefactors of the royal family.". I will not tolerate the wanton slander against them. "That doesn't change the fact that their origins are unknown," said a magnetic voice. The voice was followed by a tall, middle-aged man, who came out of a wormhole outside the temple, along with four other figures. It turned out to be the great-uncle of Emperor Tiegusin. And the Dukes of Latoras, Robaly, Billingdon, and Shakalovi. The queen named them one by one, and said. Somebody, prepare seats for some elders. "No, we are not weak people." With a wave of his hand, the burly middle-aged man refused the Empress's offer. He was Prince Tiegusin,side impact beams, and in terms of seniority, he was a figure of the same generation as the Empress's grandfather, who was the Emperor of the Empire who had brought order out of the Force and replaced the severed lineal bloodline. 
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