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Biographie After listening to Zhao Yong's explanation, the bodyguard immediately quietly walked back and reported the situation to Sundara. Hearing that there might be someone in front of him, Sundara frowned and looked at Li Yang again. In other places, it's normal to meet people, but in this place, it's different. This is an uninhabited primeval forest, normal people will not come here, even hunters, it is impossible to enter such a deep place, this time walking inside, there is only one possibility. Go sshi, drug dealer. They were the only ones who braved all kinds of dangers to shuttle through the primeval forest, but what Li Yang and his colleagues took was not the road they usually took, but a place they had never traveled before. Li Yang's eyebrows are also tightly congealed together. Special ability instantly unfolded, everything around immediately appeared in Li Yang's mind, in front of him more than 30 meters, there are 13 people squatting in the grass under the tree, the whole body is hidden inside. The thirteen men were surrounded by wheelbarrows, each of them carrying weapons, pistols and shotguns, and several of them carrying earth grenades. In addition to the thirteen men, two of them were hidden in the trees, and they were staring at Li Yang in their direction, with shotguns in their hands, and the muzzles were facing the front. Zhao Yong's discovery is right,deep draw stamping, there are really people in front, look at the hidden position of these people, it seems to ambush them, but Zhao Yong is experienced, found early, stopped in time, otherwise even if they can beat back, their own side will certainly have a loss. Mr. Li, would you like me to send someone to the front to check? Sandara asked in a low voice, and in normal times,die casting parts, he would have given the order directly. But this is to follow Li Yang out of action, he also said that everything is under Li Yang's command, this will make a decision, afraid Li Yang will think more. No, I believe Zhao Yong's words, there are really people in front, send people rashly, there may be danger! Li Yang shook his head, he has seen everything in front of him, there is no point in looking for someone to check, there is no need to let Sandara's people take this risk. In this way, you can find someone to shout in front of us and say that we have found them and let them all come out! Li Yang said again, and Sundara nodded and directly ordered a bodyguard beside him to go to the front and shout. Bodyguards quickly ran over, Sandara brought soldiers and Zhao Yong, they are concentrated, this is the primeval forest, there are too many places to hide people, metal stamping parts ,DIN screw plug, they do not have Li Yang's special ability to know where those people are hiding now. For them, the unknown is the greatest danger, and no one will act on their own. The bodyguard who walked past stood more than ten meters in front of Zhao Yong and did not move. Li Yang was a little nervous. The two men hidden in the tree were only more than ten meters away from the bodyguard's position, and their position could see the bodyguard clearly. The bodyguard first shouted Li Yang's words in the common language of Myanmar, and then in Chinese. After shouting, the bodyguard immediately rolled on the ground and hid aside. Just as he was moving, a shot rang out, and a man in the tree fired. With the shot, Zhao Yong also raised his hand and fired a shot at the tree. A scream, followed by a dull landing sound, Li Yang immediately shut down the special ability, the heart is still beating. In the three-dimensional picture, he could see most clearly that the man in the tree had just fired, and before he could change his position, a bullet had passed through his xixiong chamber and through his heart. Under the three-dimensional picture, many movements can be seen very clearly, Li Yang even saw the scene of the bullet passing through quickly. A bullet, through the clothes, and then through the flesh from the back of the person out, a scene can not say the strange, horrible. The whole process did not even have a second of time, but it was a pity that Li Yang could find all this, which was also a kind of torture for him. Fortunately, it was not the first time he had experienced such a thing. Although he felt uncomfortable, he could still bear it. When he was in Qingdao, he saw the whole process of the head shot with his own eyes under the three-dimensional picture. That's even scarier than it is now.
As soon as the gunfire rang out, it did not stop. Sandara's bodyguards, Zhao Yong, exchanged fire with the people opposite. Li Yanggui hid after being pulled down a tree. He didn't have a special ability, but he also knew that the people on their side had the advantage. Whether Zhao Yong or Sandara's bodyguards, they all had superior automatic firepower. On the opposite side were ordinary pistols and shotguns, which were far from being equipped. The bodyguard who shouted also came back this time. He just had a little scratch, and fortunately there was no problem. He was very clever. After shouting, he suddenly had a cold feeling. Without thinking, he rolled on the spot. This roll saved his life. After listening to what he said, even Sandara felt lucky for him. This person is also lucky, and intuition plays a big role at the critical moment. After a while, the gunfire was much smaller. Li Yang had more than 20 people on their side, as well as five elite special forces soldiers. Their weapons and equipment were much better than those of the other side, and they had an absolute advantage. And Zhao Yong, they also have jungle combat'training, Sundara brought these people, also in the jungle'training, Myanmar is mountainous, jungle training is a necessary lesson. So if they lose, they all go to find a piece of tofu to kill, so as not to waste food alive. The encounter happened suddenly and quickly, and in less than twenty minutes, the gunfire stopped completely. Because of the early discovery and concealment, none of the five special forces of Zhao Yong was wounded, but a few of Sandara's men were scraped, all of them were minor injuries, nothing serious. The fifteen people on the opposite side were miserable. Eight of them were killed on the spot, and the remaining two were seriously injured. They could not live. Of the remaining five men, only one was not wounded, and all of them were captured,non standard fasteners, and their weapons were searched out. At the beginning of the battle, Zhao Sheng led several of Sandara's men to the back of them, and it was all their credit that they were able to capture these men. 
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