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Biographie "Ruoshui, how is your source being repaired?" Looking at the girl in front of her, a warm current flowed through her heart and she said softly. Just repaired ten percent, but with this layer, the rest will be soon, as long as ten years, almost can be good to hear six clear questions, if the water face suddenly revealed the color of joy. If the water can come out to accompany 6 eldest brother, indeed, for the experience of endless years of Ruoshui, ten years, really nothing. After thinking about it, 6 Qing asked, "Ruoshui, can you sense the nature of the heavens?" "All the heavenly lines belong to?"? Yeah, why?. Sure enough, 6 clear in the heart a move, in this case, then this law of heaven, if water should also be able to condense. With this in mind, 6 Qing said, "Ruoshui, I will pass on the law of Heaven to you. If you can't accept it, don't force it." "The law of heaven?" If water is stupefied, but promise immediately, "good, I listen to 6 eldest brother." The law of heaven? As soon as the pure mind moves, the huge power of soul consciousness suddenly circulates, and the refined soul runs to the extreme. The golden and white power of soul consciousness runs through the whole body, out of the body,Nail Making Machine price, into the sword, and into the endless sea of marrow. In the endless sea of marrow, the Dragon King of Blood is still roaring up to the sky, triggering the law of heaven. Looking at the front of the blood dragon king, since the original inheritance of the real dragon blood, it has been helping himself through many difficulties, and 6 Qing also know that although the original oneself has been recognized by the real dragon blood, but said completely driving, or not, otherwise, the blood dragon will not repeatedly automatically manifest. And now,Iron Nail Making Machine, with the body of the Tao, it is almost the same. The next moment, from the body of 6 Qing, an ethereal sword rises, which is uncertain, but full of boundless majesty, different from the previous power of heaven, this time, the majesty from the body of 6 Qing is never felt by Lei Tian Qi. What's wrong! Lei Tian's seven people were stunned. At this moment, they felt that the power of heaven, which had been automatically derived from the Qing Dynasty, had been suppressed. The dragon king with purple and golden blood appeared behind the Qing Dynasty, and at the same time, the shadow of a purple and white sword was condensed on the top of the dragon king's head. What's he gonna do? Demon impermanence in the heart a shock, does he want one? Nose That is to say, a shrill sound of the dragon sounded, the purple and white sword suddenly split into the dragon with the momentum of thunder, and the purple and golden dragon's blood sprayed out, which was pulled by an invisible force on the top of 6 Qing's head and turned into a whirlpool. In a moment, the whole blood dragon was broken inch by inch, whether it was dragon, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Coil nail machine, dragon horn, dragon scale or dragon claw, all of them were twisted into pure blood by the gradually solidified sword. Purple Emperor Sword body after operation, this endless purple golden dragon blood was pulled, all into the flesh and blood, these dragon blood, and did not transform into anything. But pure seeds into the blood vessels and meridians of the whole body of 6 Qing, the next moment, in the face of 6 Qing, a piece of purple and golden thumb-sized dragon scales looming, even a pair of eyes, also faintly showing purple and golden. After the dragon's blood thoroughly runs through the blood vessels, the remaining nearly half of the dragon's blood, with the traction of 6 Qing, is all integrated into a body of sword bones. In an instant, the endless sea of marrow collapsed, and the original sea of marrow was empty and completely disappeared. In the flesh and blood of the Qing Dynasty, only a purple and golden sword bone was left, and the pure white edge was flowing in the bone body. The whole body as if into the fire magma, purple golden dragon blood was immediately 6 clear fusion, instant flow of all the flesh and blood, completely marked with the true spirit of 6 clear. The purple golden hair flows on the body, and the pure white sharpness immediately appears on the body of 6 Qing. With the soul of 6 Qing, it also enters the blood. Chi Yi No less than the pain of breaking through the body of the Purple Emperor Sword, the sharp gas into the blood, it is like the pain of tearing the true spirit, strands of sharp gas grain into the blood, purple and golden blood above, at the same time floating up a layer of pure white edge, this edge even if it is deep in the blood, still full of every corner.
It is not until now, after attaining the Tao, that he comprehended the soft state of the net and relied on the indomitable will of the net in kendo that he truly fused the original blood of the real dragon and reached every corner of his body, including every inch of blood. Up to now, 6 Qing is no longer the human race that inherits the blood of the real dragon, he is the human race, but also the dragon race. Great perseverance, great determination! Magic impermanence eyes purple awn flashing, finally can not help but drink out, eyes flow, for a time was lost in meditation. Next to them, even if Lei Tian and others no longer know the changes on the body of 6 Qing, they can't help but feel a shock in their hearts when they see 6 Qing smashing their blood vessels. To be able to have such a decision is really not the possession of an ordinary kendo master, or even the possession of the Tao. At this moment, the law of heaven, which lingers around the Qing Dynasty, seems to be aware of the danger and trembles violently. There are a few recommended votes. Let's spend a minute to vote for more support. Anyway, it's free. It's available every day. After a day, it will be refreshed again! “()” [Chapter 70 of the main text is a semi-imperial order array.] Hum-one Immediately, a loud sound of the sword sounded, purple and white wind and thunder law emerged again, this time, it is directly isolated from the outside world. Thousands of years available @ read @ read-WwW. Qianzai. Com. Has turned into a pure white law of heaven, overflowing with rich righteousness, colliding endlessly on the law of wind and thunder, but under the surprised eyes of Lei a Gui and others, unexpectedly failed to break through the obstacles, once upon a time, the law of heaven, known as the first law of spiritual way, became so fragile? "Ruoshui!" With a deep cry in his heart, 6 Qing's whole body burst out with a dazzling white edge, and in an instant, the pure white law of heaven was instantly absorbed into the sea of Dantian Qi. Yin-one In a flash, the heart refining sword made an exciting sound, but now the heart refining sword,wire nail making machine, which has changed the law again, repelled the law of heaven. Quickly appeased the heart refining sword, and then the law of the Tao turned into pure white water and merged into the heart refining sword. Hum-one. 
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